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TestoGreens is an all-natural supplement that can support the performance of your male hormones for boosted T-levels, faster fat loss support,
and increase energy.

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“So far I am really liking the Testogreens. They dissolve well in liquid and have a good taste. I feel like I get a boost of energy from each serving.”

Jim D.
Minneapolis, MN

“I really like that I can put Testo Green with carrot juice, turmeric & cinnamon. This really charges up my mornings. Great product. Nothing but good so far!”

 Derrek M.
Columbus, OH

“Now that I am into the second bottle I can begin to see results as far as fat loss and muscle definition.”

Michael K
Fresno, CA
what is TestoGreens

What is TestoGreens™

TestoGreens is a natural, all-natural powder containing various herbs designed to promote good health and help boost testosterone levels in men. There is no other greens supplement specifically designed with men in mind.

Testosterone is important, but we need a balance of other hormones to grow into a stronger, more capable version of ourselves. It contains ingredients that are proven to increase male hormone levels, which will improve your libido, and also balances out estrogen levels.
This helps men, especially older men, shed those extra pounds of stubborn body fat which can be hard to get rid of.

TestoGreens is made with organically grown superfoods and herbs. Even if you don’t enjoy eating greens, it will make you want more. The market is flooded with testosterone boosters, each claiming it is the best.

They never work. Sadly, many men waste time and effort trying out useless “natural” testosterone boosters that taste nasty and don’t work.
Cheap supplements can alter your hormones, causing your body to produce more estrogen and worse matters. By taking TestoGreens, you can maintain a healthy male hormone balance and digest excess estrogen.

An easy-to-mix, pleasant-tasting green powder. You can boost your energy, vitality, and manhood with our vegan and non-GMO TestoGreens mix.

Why Choose TestoGreens™

made in USA TestoGreens
Made In The USA
TestoGreens is manufactured
on US soil.
100% natural TestoGreens
100% All Natural
All ingredients are pure, natural, and carefully sourced.
Fda Approved TestoGreens
FDA Approved Facility
TestoGreens is manufactured according to the latest standards.

How Does TestoGreens Work?

TestoGreens aims to be a green drink for men. Today, you can find plenty of other green superfood powders targeting overall health and wellness. However, few of these green superfood powders specifically target male hormones like testosterone – until now.

Here’s how Live Anabolic explains the benefits of its formula:

“Finally a greens drink for men! Maintain a supreme male hormone balance and metabolize excess estrogen with the help of the earthy ingredients inside of TestoGreens.”

Live Anabolic designed TestoGreens to have a subtle, enjoyable taste while being easy to mix and drink.

Using a combination of vitamins, minerals, herbs, and plant extracts, TestoGreens can purportedly utilize a “bizarre new 21 second trick” to help optimize male hormone balance, lose weight, and enjoy powerful energy, among other benefits.

TestoGreens is also vegan and non-GMO.

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This book demonstrates how specific dietary and lifestyle changes might enhance the impact of daily TestoGreens intake. It’s a one-day approach for increasing testosterone and hormone balance. Because the eBook is delivered immediately, you may begin putting these techniques into practice even before TestoGreens arrives in the mail.

The bonus eBook covers topics like:

🔹 The #1 most effective type of exercise you can do to help balance testosterone and estrogen at the same time (it takes just 8 minutes)
🔹 A dirt-cheap coffee trick to solidify your body’s natural hormone balance
🔹 3 foods to never eat like a man (including 3 foods you probably eat daily that reduce testosterone)
🔹 Exactly what you should eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner to balance male hormones
🔹 The only kind of water you should drink to support testosterone 

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Bonus #2: 21 TestoGreens Smoothies to Supercharge Your Sex Drive

TestoGreens contains components that will improve testosterone, sex drive, and energy, among other things. However, by adding more ingredients to your TestoGreens smoothies, you may boost these advantages even further.

This eBook features 21 recipes to boost the effects of TestoGreens, whether you’re mixing them with TestoGreens or taking them on their own.

The eBook covers topics like:

🔹 How to last longer than any guy you know with a group of powerful sex herbs blended into the virility tonic smoothie, including ancient herbs that have been used for thousands of years to boost energy and sex drive
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🔹 Nature’s virility smoothie that will make you want sex more often, including ingredients men and women can use to boost virility
🔹 A magic bedroom recipe that uses “eastern sex dust;” by sprinkling this dust into a smoothie, you can boost virility and enhance sexual performance
🔹 1 7 other delicious smoothie recipes to supercharge sex drive with every sip

TestoGreens works for all age
TestoGreens Ingredients

TestoGreens Ingredients

TestoGreens provides users with over 50 ingredients, amplifying the antioxidant effects that naturally come from fruits, vegetables, and more. All of these ingredients can be condensed into five main blends:

🌿 Superfood, Antioxidant, and Mushroom Blend
🌿 Natural herbs and extracts
🌿 Prebiotic Fiber and Digestive Enzyme Complex
🌿 Probiotic Blend
🌿 Essential vitamins and minerals

Even with the plentiful ingredients available, consumers will be pleasantly surprised by the lack of flavor. The creators intentionally keep the flavor neutral so users can add it to any recipe that could work for them. Read on below to learn more about these different ingredient blends that support the body.


Superfood, Antioxidant, and Mushroom Blend :

This first blend is a combination of:

🔴 Alfalfa leaf, which may lower cholesterol and balance blood sugar levels.
🔴 Spinach, which can prevent cancer and support weight loss
🔴 Spirulina, which can reduce inflammation and maintain the health of the immune system.
🔴 Beets, which manages the user’s high blood pressure.
🔴 Celery, which improved digestion and alkalizes the stomach.
🔴 Kale, which is rich with vitamin A for better eye and bone health.
🔴 Cauliflower, which is high in fiber and helps with weight loss.
🔴 Coconut, which promotes better immunity and reduces inflammation.
🔴 Pomegranate, which supports healthy health and improves urinary health.
🔴 Blueberry, which are one of the best sources of antioxidants of any superfood.
🔴 Cranberry, which can reduce the risk of urinary tract infections.
🔴 Cherry, which improves recovery after a workout and reduces the severity of arthritis.
🔴 Camu camu, which is high in vitamin C.
🔴 Reishi mushrooms, which improve the effects of white blood cells.
🔴 Shiitake mushrooms, which reduce the risk of prostate cancer and reduce blood cholesterol levels.
🔴 Maitake mushrooms, which supports cardiovascular function.

In total, there are 34 different fruits, mushrooms, and vegetables.
Though it is possible to consume all of these ingredients in the diet, the concentrated amounts of each of these ingredients provides a much more powerful effect than adding them into the diet alone.

Natural Herbs and Extracts :

The extracts included in this formula include:

🔴 Turmeric root, which supports the joints and reduces inflammation.
🔴 Green tea leaf, which is rich with antioxidants and supports a healthier metabolism.
🔴 Cinnamon bark, which can reduce high blood sugar.
🔴 Ginger root, which can reduce anxiety and nausea.
🔴 Ashwagandha root, to relieve stress and promote better sleep at night.
🔴 Korean ginseng root, which promotes alertness and reduces the risk of erectile dysfunction.

Overall, there are 11 herbs and extracts included for the user. These blends help users to improve energy levels, balance the hormones, and provide overall support for the user’s health.

Essential Vitamins and Minerals :

To top off this remedy, consumers will get all of the vitamins and minerals that they need from a typical multivitamin or their balanced diet. Zinc, iron, and other nutrients are crucial to the maintenance of the body, but the concentration found in TestoGreens makes it easier to support these needs.

Probiotic Blend :

Probiotics are a type of bacteria that naturally supports gut health, which means that it also improves the immune system. Probiotics make it easier for the gut to absorb the nutrients of the foods that consumers regularly eat. The TestoGreens supplement includes 2.5 billion CFUs, ensuring that users get more support from their current diet and from this supplement.

Prebiotic Fiber and Digestive Enzyme Complex :

Prebiotic fiber is necessary for the balance in the gut. Though probiotics offer support for natural bacteria growth, prebiotics are used to feed the bacteria and keep them alive. Fiber also helps to maintain regular bowel movements and reduce the appetite, inherently creating a caloric deficit that helps with weight loss.
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Benefits of TestoGreens

By taking one serving of TestoGreens daily, you can purportedly support energy, vitality, and manhood. Here are some of the benefits you can expect to experience after taking TestoGreens, according to Live Anabolic:

  • Energy: TestoGreens can boost energy, giving you the stamina you need to dominate your day. You can avoid crashes and fatigue while enjoying a daily edge other guys miss out on.
  • Hormone Balance: TestoGreens balance your hormones using a blend of vitamins, minerals, superfoods, antioxidants, adaptogens, mushrooms, herbs, and probiotics. Overall, Live Anabolic claims their TestoGreens formula “will support your manhood in ways no other greens supplement can.”
  • Estrogen Metabolism: If your body has excess estrogen, it decreases testosterone and leads to unwanted side effects like stubborn fat, moodiness, and other problems. TestoGreens can purportedly support estrogen metabolism, helping to naturally neutralize excess estrogen from your body while restoring an optimal male hormone balance.
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Ironclad 365-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

TestoGreens back guarantee

When you order your bottles of TestoGreens today… we’ll back up your purchase with our 365-day 100% money back guarantee...

Meaning if for whatever reason you don’t have an easier time shedding body fat, firming up your chest, and getting stronger and harder when you take TestoGreens each day… just send an email to our customer service team and let us know and you’ll get a full refund. *

No questions asked. No hassles. No long annoying return process with a bunch of papers to fill out. Or having to call and talk to our customer service team. No need to even return the bottles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

TestoGreens is meant for men suffering from hormonal imbalances, poor metabolism of estrogens, and absence of energy and stamina. These issues can quickly snowball into adverse effects, whether it be regarding one’s physique or overall performance.

TestoGreens contains tree nuts. Hence, people with specific nut allergies should take it with caution.

TestoGreens is generally deemed safe to take, seeing how the formula relies primarily on wholefood nutrients. Likewise, it never hurts to get a second opinion from a health practitioner, especially for those who take medications.

ach TestoGreens serving comes out to 31 calories, of which 0.4g fat, 5.2g carbohydrate, and 1.5g protein. Each serving also contains a decent amount of Vitamin A (53% of daily value), Vitamin C (148% of daily value), Calcium (2% of daily value), Iron (11% of daily value), Vitamin E (427% of daily value), Vitamin B12 (1042% of daily value), Zinc (74% of daily value), Copper (9% of daily value), and Manganese (2% of daily value). 

If TestoGreens isn’t what customers expected it to be, no problem because it has been protected by “an ironclad 365-day 100% money-back guarantee.” So, within the first year of consumption, individuals will have to decide whether TestoGreens is suitable for their health needs.

All unused bottles can be returned for a full purchase price refund if the answer is no. For more clarity on the steps to getting refunded, consider one of the following means of contact:

Phone: 1-256-292 2950 

Individuals are asked to add one serving (or one scoop) one or two times daily to 8 to 16 ounces of water or a preferred beverage base (coconut milk, almond milk, smoothie, etc.) for optimal uses.

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